Lowlight Training

Achieve Your Goals

Our goal is to provide law enforcement, civilians, and private companies with quality training in the firearms, vehicle operations, and all aspects of threat response. This training is available “from the ground up.”

If you are a beginning shooter who has never touched a firearm, a company that is just beginning the implementation of security and incident response, or an agency needing to develop new officers, we have the trainers and programs to get you on your way. We also offer trainers and programs for companies that are looking to provide further training for their experienced staff. For law enforcement agencies we offer training from the patrol level to advanced training for specialized teams.

Exclusive Training

Virtual Simulator

Be immersed into a training experience in one of the most realistic simulators available! Using state-of-the-art technology, you will be tested in a variety of scenarios, with realistic images and sounds that respond to your decisions and real-time actions. 

In situations where lethal force is required, the simulator employs realistic firearms utilizing compressed air for simulated recoil and internal lasers for tracking accuracy. Onscreen threats are affected only by accurate fire, and the instructor has the ability to control the escalation or de-escalation of the scenarios for optimal learning. 

Classes are limited to 10 clients per session to ensure ample time both on the simulator and to debrief scenarios with the instructor. 

Firearms Simulator
Shoot House Catwalk

Force on Force

This class exposes you to a new level of stress and inoculation for deadly force encounters. You will interact with real people (our role players) in a multi-level, multi-room training house! Learn how to move through multiple environments (doors, hallways, stairwells) in the safest way possible.

Airsoft firearms are provided, giving you both the opportunity to engage threats in a dynamic environment and the stress of possible negative feedback.

Classes are limited to 10 students per class. Multiple cameras throughout the building allow you to view and critique your encounter in after-action discussions.

Handgun Training

Pistol Training Indiana

Basic Handgun

This Intro to Handgun class is perfect for men and women who are new to pistol shooting. This courses walks you through the basics as an introduction to gun safety, weapon care and maintenance, loading and pistol manipulation, basic marksmanship, firearms ownership, and defensive mindset.

Womens Pistol Class

Fighting Fundamentals - Handgun

This next-level course is for the shooter currently possessing basic safety and marksmanship skills. Students will learn weapon safety, magazine changes, how to engage multiple targets, holster draw, basic shooting and moving, cover and concealment, and a developing a winning mindset.

Womens Pistol Class

Indiana CCW Class

Acquire the foundations to safely carry a concealed handgun. This course addresses basic firearm safety, storage, principals of marksmanship, efficient gun handling, holster considerations, weapon care/maintenance, and discussion of applicable state/federal laws.

Rifle Training

Rifle Class

Rifle Fundamentals

This is a basic course for the entry level carbine or fighting rifle user. This course will cover topics such as: Zeroing, nomenclature, maintenance, loading, unloading, reloading, shooting from cover, proper presentation, mindset, and equipment.

Rifle Class

Fighting Rifle

This course concentrates in depth on the skills needed in an armed encounter. With focus being on increasing speed while maintaining accuracy. We will also work more with movement as well as transitioning to secondary weapon systems.

Law Enforcement Training

Police Training

Handgun & Patrol Rifle

CTS Shield 2

Armorer Courses

Law Enforcement Driving Class

Emergency Vehicle Operations

CTS Shield 2

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

CTS Shield 2

Physical Tactics

CTS Shield 2

SWAT Tactics

Corporate Training

CTS Shield 2

Corporate/Private Security Training

CTS Shield 2

CPR & First Aid

CTS Shield 2

Active Shooter Response Training

CTS Shield 2

Driver Training

CTS Shield 2

Lockdown/Lockout Procedures

CTS Shield 2

Firearms Training

Competition Training

CTS Shield 2

3-Gun Strategies

CTS Shield 2

Pistol Performance