New Civilian Training Opportunities

Firearms Simulator

CT Solutions is able to offer 2 unique experiences to its civilian clients through its relationships with the Multi Agency Academic Cooperative in Valparaiso, IN.

Virtual Simulator Training

This experience will immerse the client in simulated force and decision-making processes in one of the
most realistic simulators available. Through the scenarios’ realistic images and sounds, coupled with the
systems trained operator having options based on clients actions and real-time decision making, the
client controls the escalation or de-escalation of the scenarios. In situations where use of lethal force is
chosen, the simulator employs realistic firearms utilizing compressed air for simulated recoil and internal
lasers for tracking accuracy. Onscreen threats will be affected only by accurate fire. Classes are limited
to 10 clients per session to ensure ample time both on the simulator and to debrief scenarios with our
staff. Class cost $250/client.

Force-on-Force Training

This experience will put the client in situations where they are dealing with real people (our role players)
in the multi-level, multi-room training house. This will give the client the experience of how to move
through multiple environments (doors, hallways, stairwells) in the safest way possible. The use of airsoft
firearms provides both the opportunity to engage threats in a dynamic environment and the stress of
possible negative feedback. The limit of 10 clients per class gives ample time for both the scenarios and
debriefing with our trained staff. Multiple cameras throughout the building allow clients to watch their
encounter in the after-action discussion. Class cost 250/client.

Both the Virtual Simulator and the Force on Force Training can be scheduled as a package for
$450 per student.