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From the patrol level to advanced training for specialized teams

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Workplace security policies, and incident response training for staff

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Beginner handgun classes through advanced defensive courses

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Stage strategies and performance in 3-gun and other shooting sports

Rifle Training

Law Enforcement

Indiana LETB Certified Instructors and approved in Michigan by MCOLES for your department’s training needs

Firearms Safety

Basic marksmanship, weapon care and maintenance, loading and manipulation, and knowledge to meet your goals

Pistol Training

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Private lessons and classes are taking place weekly. All levels are welcome. Custom packages are available.


Tobin Babcock

Lead Instructor. Police Officer. Coach.

Deb and I LOVED this class. Deb feels a lot more confident and comfortable with a pistol now. Going from revolver to pistol was a great move on your part! Thanks! Especially liked the attention to safety on the range. It's easy to develop less than safe habits handling a gun around others. I know I heard "muzzle" and "fingers" enough to make me think a little more. You brought us to a better awareness level. We appreciated the individual attention you guys gave to help us correct mistakes we didn't know we were making. Thanks again!
Women Handgun Class
Dave D.
Thank you once again for the class. Your staff made it easy for me to understand the basic gun safety rules and responsibilities of firearm ownership. The range time was a treat as I had only shot once before and had no basic understanding how to aim my firearm. I can not hit the target consistently. Low, but in the center of the target. A world of difference. I look forward to attending more of your classes as my schedule allows.
Thumbs Up
Bob B.
Overall this was an excellent class. The Instructors were professional. The instructor/student ratio was right. When you were on the line you had at least one set of instructor's eyes on you. The round count was perfect. Plenty of trigger time with a purpose. We weren't just throwing lead down-range. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning how to use their fighting rifle in a safe, proper, and effective manner. I will add that I absolutely trust these instructors with not only training me, but have also sent two of my daughters the their basic handgun class.
Rifle Optic
James S.


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